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Clever Vegan Video

I loved this video! Pretty catchy.

Only comment I have is that there really isn’t any way for vegans to address B12…in the video they say something about bacteria which is true, but then they say nothing about how they get it. B12 is made in the body in your thbbbbbbt (colon). You poop it out before you get it. I don’t see anyone eating poop, so you would have to get it from a supplement. Didn’t sing about that. Loved the video, though.


Vegetarians and Paleos: Part 2, “The Vegetarian Myth” Debate

This post is a follow up on Part 1, a testimonal of my first-hand evolution of vegetarian ethical philosophy,

In this post I will delve into the popular thoughts of bloggers on both sides of the moral ground that where I’ve lived on–the Vegetarian School of Compassionate, Sustainable Eating and the Paleo School of Nutritional, Sans Grain Eating. Both have not only become a choice in eating, but dogmatic belief systems that inspire the same kind of defense and passion as religions pitted against each other. Thus, this post. What do they have to say about one another?

A wonderful case study on these sometimes two groups’ relationship with one another comes with a book I’ll focus on in this post– “The Vegetarian Myth.” The book is an interesting focal point because of how it has either polarized individuals after reading it, or, as I suspect, inspired the fundamentalists of each group to defend or refute its claims because they either support or challenge previously-held beliefs about eating.

Lierre Keith’s “The Vegetarian Myth” ties together many issues regarding eating animals and animal products–agriculture, civilization, organics, progressive animal farming, animal cruelty in factory farms, and more. Keith advances through the book by picking apart each vegan or vegetarian argument to pieces with many of her references (though I find some of them to be redundant or soft science; not to mention the “Moral Vegetarians” chapter just feels like the Botany of Desire all over again for a while).

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