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Processed Food Free Children Experiment, n=2

I honestly think this is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

If you were to raise your child and never take them to a grocery store, never have them be exposed to commercials on television, and never know that this wasn’t normal — what would happen?


Here’s one account–

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How do we feel about soy?

Soy. People consume it in tofu, veggie burgers, milk, processed foods, candy, imitation lunch meats, imitation cheeses, imitation butters, imitation eggs, etamame, tempeh, and many more cultural and vege-cultural staples. It is the component of much related to protein in the vegetarian and vegan worlds. Soy is the legume of the modern era. It came out of East Asia, loved by residents of Portland and Boulder, and can produce pretty much the most protein per acre compared to any other veggie. The American Midwest is absolutely covered by it. We actually grow more of it than the stereotypical tofu-eaters the Chinese. It comprised 77.5 million acres of the US in 2009. Americans eat a lot of soy. It’s hard to pick up anything in the middle aisle of an American grocery store without the word “soy” in at least one of the ingredients. It’s abundant, it’s got subsidies, and it’s cheap as a result. Continue reading