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Smoking and Meat–What a Vegan Said and What I Say

On the series I’ve been working on involving vegetarians and paleos, it has led me on a vegan blog patrol. I find this enjoyable. On one such post, I found the need to respond out of sheer correction but also out of want for looking up more research. I’m a nerd in that way.

The post I found gives twelve reasons why animal products are just as bad as smoking for the human body. I’ll cover some of them, maybe not all of them, but I had to start with #2.  The author is obviously an educated and great woman, but her arguments aren’t very well-structured in a seemingly stereotypical vegan fashion. I have found some very weighted, balanced vegans and I appreciate very much their arguments. Sometimes, however, I feel as if vegan writing is highly emotional in order to supplement the community with motivation for following such a strict and heart-centric diet. Continue reading