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VLC Day 7-8: Information overload

Listened to Robb Wolf’s Podcast and a concept ironically leached into my day from them that they paradoxically made fun of. Greg Everett, Robb’s sidekick on the podcast (or frontkick?) made fun of one of the listeners’ questions. The listener commented to Rob and Greg that this Paleo thing “was working really well” for him,then proceeded to ask him if he should try training X or diet X. They laughed out loud. Why would you try anything else if you’ve reached something that works? If it’s not broke, why fix it? Greg commented that this seems to be a new phenomenon in the area of nutrition with so many different bodies and reactions to foods and dogmas, we are totally overloaded with information and not stopping long enough to look at ourselves. How am I reacting to this? Is this working for me? Have I given it long enough and pure enough to see if it’s working? Continue reading


Extended Fast Test Run

I actually look forward very much to Lent.

Today I tested out the fast portion of what I have decided (preliminarily) to be my Lenten practice. I am extending my intermittent fasting (IF) period until after 4:00pm for a total of 18 hours fasted and a 6 hour feeding period. For the past month, I have been practicing a 14/10 IF schedule (14 hour fast period, 10 hour feeding window). Put simply, until last month I always ate breakfast, then I started only eating lunch and dinner. Starting today I only ate dinner.

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