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Very Low Carb (VLC) Day 1


I started an evolutionary-centric diet in late January of this year, 2011. I am now about solidly three months in.

My “plan” consisted of:
1. dramatic reduction in wheat/gluten grains
2. increase in meat/protein intake
3. decrease in overall carbohydrate intake
4. emphasis on more strength exercises than I have before; some sprinting
5. Intermittently fast (IF) to the best of my ability

I have to say that I was “relatively” successful thus far. This means there have been some successes and there are some things that need tweaking and deserve attention. I was averaging about 200-300g carbohydrate per day, much of that was from sugar and gluten before I began. To date, I probably eat about 150g carbs on a bad day. I have solidly been freed from the occupation of breakfast (except on Sunday when it’s going to happen I’m sorry). I’ve proven to myself that I can fast through to dinner, though it is difficult (however, Kurt Harris claims that keto-adaptation can mean none of this). In sum, Continue reading


Extended Fast Test Run

I actually look forward very much to Lent.

Today I tested out the fast portion of what I have decided (preliminarily) to be my Lenten practice. I am extending my intermittent fasting (IF) period until after 4:00pm for a total of 18 hours fasted and a 6 hour feeding period. For the past month, I have been practicing a 14/10 IF schedule (14 hour fast period, 10 hour feeding window). Put simply, until last month I always ate breakfast, then I started only eating lunch and dinner. Starting today I only ate dinner.

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My Lenten Fast

I am coming upon my second Lent as a Christian.

One year ago, I blended the concepts of a fast (deprivation for humility), and praxis (reflection and prayer every morning coupled with applying my reflected themes that day). This was a great model and I would highly recommend it. In 2010, my fast was an “as close to 100% local diet as possible” concept, which was a step up from my normal diet. What it also did, and was one of my ultimate goals, was created good habits for me to continue my quest to be a more sustainable eater. I learned how to make a lot of things myself–among them butter, yogurt, biscuits, and bread.

As I come into the season of Christian deprivation for 2011, I would like to follow the same model. Continue reading