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Being Gay and Being Christian at the Same Time

“…is it possible?” This seems to be the question that goes along with being a homosexual and being a Christian. This question confuses me. Because, to me, this question reads, “Do I exist? Do I love even though I love and live with someone of the same sex?”

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A Hipster Blog on Gay Rights

I found this on a hipster blog and thought it more than worth re-posting from a post called “love is no one’s biz-ness but yours” :

“All that aside, I’ll tell you how I feel about the churches’ opinion on gay marriage/gay people not getting equal rights:

I think it’s fucking bullshit! Gay people, straight people, Caucasian people, Black people, Asian people, Latino people, etc- we’re all just PEOPLE. We all come out of a vagina. We’re all just somebodies baby. Babies who (hopefully) grow up, learn how to walk and speak and read and write. We all breathe, wake up in the morning and go to sleep. We all experience happiness and excitement. We all get sad and cry. We bleed, we pee, we’re ticklish, we wear clothes, we fuck, and we make love. We make babies, we have mothers, and brothers, and sisters and cousins. We feel nervous, we feel pride, we get scared, and we’re brave. We work shitty jobs, or we have epic careers. We play sports, route for teams, and we serve our country. And, if we’re LUCKY, we fall in love. We ALL share these things, and MORE!”


Zach Wahls and I

Some things pass us by and don’t change our lives at all. For people like Zach Wahls and myself, some of these “things” have a large effect on us. Zach and I have to live with labels that we did not choose in exchange for our happiness.

Sometimes I pray that things will change, other times I don’t feel as if I need to because I feel the sand shifting and changing underneath of my bare feet.

I dream of a day when there will be no secrets, no calculations of the worth of mentioning a certain pronoun when referring to one’s significant other. I dream of a day that there will be no worry with regards to choice of language in order to avoid divulging something that one is told by so many to be ashamed of. That day is so sweet that I literally taste it like raw honey on the tip of my tongue and it makes me smile outwardly. It has a special place that it resides in my mind in all of its glory and wonder–a place that I can retreat to and take refuge in when this world does not offer the same comforts.

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