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God > Religion

Religion comes from man, from man comes imperfection.
Religion encourages ignorance, not knowledge.
Religions leads to power, power leads to control.
Religion, through man, created war and death and genocide.
Religion, through man, justified what is not morally justifiable. Continue reading


Oppression, Other nations, Our food

children? think again, fight back”]There is so much oppression and control in the world. It is overwhelming. What would happen if it just stopped? Would there be anarchy and chaos as the leaders think to justify their actions? Or would there actually be quiet peace?


I don’t know what my thoughts are on this. What I do know:

Four people died in Bahrain today peacefully protesting against the government by police controlling the crowds. They were trying to “teach them a lesson” after the media left.

The government in Cuba can control things as small how how much sugar a Cuban can buy and how much that sugar costs.

The US isn’t free of it. Our food system is one of the best examples. Continue reading