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Burnout; NO

Burning rings of something unrelated to activism but pretty nonetheless

When I was a student activist, “burnout” was a very common term. What it means, in a nutshell, is that when a person puts their heart and soul into something (say an event) and it utterly consumes them as to where they have nothing left of them after that something as either come to fruition, expired, or they give up on that something for sheer lack of energy. Those of you lucky enough to have received an education may know what I mean, especially if it was a demanding college education. You toiled for months and months to make those A’s and B’s and, when winter rolls around, you bring home a sack of laundry to Mom just to climb into your warm old bed to go to sleep…and then you didn’t wake up for three whole days. After that three day period you would probably throw up if someone told you to write another paper.

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