The human spirit is fed by an intersection between selfishness and selflessness. The balance between these is a sustainable one where God (the Divine, the Water, the Way, the Lord, Existence, the Effect) becomes the clearest.

Spirituality seems to be inherent in anyone that lets themselves think beyond the bounds of what they are told, and beyond their outward senses. To be spiritual is to be in tune with one’s inward senses.

I was raised a strict atheist. I became interested in spiritual matters around 16 and identified as an agnostic. At 20, while picking tomatoes at a farm I worked on, I had a powerful spiritual experience. I have been catalyzed into a child of God through learning of, following, and finally believing in Christ and what the life of this man meant for me and for many others.

I am a lover of all people, all faiths, but above all, of God. I can identify with anyone else that feels the latter, no matter what silly label they call themselves or put on me.

On this blog, you will find writings pertaining to spiritual matters. They are neither dogma nor truth nor ill-intended. They simply are. May it be so.


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