Evolutionary Living

As of mid-January, 2010, I have prescribed to a lifestyle inspired by my ancestors and physiology. Sometimes this is called Paleo, sometimes this is called Primal Blueprint, and sometimes this is branded in various other ways. Any way one spins or brands it, it is a lifestyle of nutrition and exercise that is in no way new. It is quite old.

a cave man body in all of its glory

Here’s a pretty great video that has an introduction to paleo nutrition, there is a follow up on fitness as well.

Evolutionary living has a few main principles–all of which center around treating our bodies consistent with how they were made to be treated (this may include supplements to mitigate parts of modern life that just may not measure up).

There are many different names that this can come under. Some call it Paleo, others Primal, and some confuse it with Atkins. No, it is not Atkins.

Image courtesy NJ Paleo Girl (linked)

Here is my current regimen (last updated April 11, 2011)

  • Eat pure, whole, real foods: meat/eggs and vegetables at most if not all meals, limited tofu
  • Get a fair amount of low-moderate effort exercise, kick the gym until I’ve got my diet fixed and my weight stable
  • Intermittently fast on a 14/10 schedule daily

Some of the main resources online that inspired and educated me into this way of living can be found in relation to this lifestyle are these:

Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprinta

Free The Animal


The Lean Saloon

Raw Food SOS


Other evolutionary resources:

A guide to all of the acronyms

3.30.2011 – beginning a very low carb (VLC) regimen so that I may explore the way that I react to ketogenic diets. Here is the first post.

4.11.2011 – beginning a more strict straight-edge approach: cutting out all grains and alcohol.


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