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Misdirection of “Health at Every Size”

Perhaps Dr. Bacon should have sent this letter to the model industry? Pictured here is the first “plus sized model”.

A few weeks ago on my daily Comfood List patrol at work, I found a letter from an “avid Comfood reader but rare participant” with concerns that we the members of the food justice movement (I would consider myself part of that camp) are using overweight folks to their advantage. My delving deeper into the lengthy message led me to her open letter to the Food Justice Movement called, “A Message for People Committed to Food Justice and Sustainable Agriculture” where she even invoked the image of food justice people riding on fat peoples’ backs. This is sort of a funny image to invoke in a serious “concerned” message, but what the hey. She said “fat” a lot for someone trying to be P.C. :

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Ada’s Healthy Food Awards 2010

Apple Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Since it seems to be the cool thing to list a bunch of foods that taste testers deem amazing and dietitians deem nutritional (ahem Self Magazine), I thought I would have a shot at it. DISCLAIMER: I am a panel of myself and I am not a dietitian, however I do eat all of these things on a semi-regular basis and maintain good health. Choose whether or not to listen to my advice at your own risk. I repeat, I have no educational degree(s) in the area of dietetics! BEWARE! I don’t know what I’m talking about!

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