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Good Counters to Sustainable Meat Arguments


Today I have been delving into some vegan/vegetarian writings on the holes in the arguments for grass-finished ruminant meat and animal-cycle farms.

Joel Salatin’s farm is usually used as a “shining example” for those in the “sustainable meat camp” that I could say I more or less belong to. This blog did a really great job pointing out the inconsistency in Michael Pollan’s argument that Polyface is closed loop. The author is right! It is not: Salatin gets outside feed for his chickens to compensate for where the meat ultimately ends up: in septic tanks! The solution there, however, is far to come to pass–until human begins start eating a truly evolutionary diet and stop taking prescription drugs, there is no way we could use “humanure” on our fields (my opinion on first thought; please correct me if I am wrong).

The same blog, “Say what, Micheal Pollan?” does calculations of energy inputs on a similar post. I’m pretty impressed. I haven’t seen anything like this before. Very thoughtful analysis. I would like to see it next to the energy inputs of a factory farm, though. The point is well taken, however. The author went on in another post to detail Joel Salatin’s reponse to his direct questioning. That was an excellent question, I really commend the author of this blog. Continue reading