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The Meaning of Maundy

Today is [Great & ]Holy Thursday, Maundy Thursday, Thursday of Mysteries, and the Thursday before Easter. Today is probably not the actual anniversary of anything, but that by no account leaves it devoid of meaning.

Today is the representation of the day that no longer did we, civilization-based humans, need to just follow God through rules. Today is the representation of when God surpassed an image and became part of us by coming through one of us; when we could be in direct communion with God at all times because God was henceforth in us.

Jesus sat down with his closest followers and gave them physical food and drink to represent spiritual food and drink. As physical food and drink enters us and our bodies convert it to calories, spiritual food and drink enters us and our hearts turn it to love. Our bodies are born with the mechanism to convert food into energy as well as that love mechanism. Losing focus of God through civilization and human nature causes that mechanism to be forgotten. Christ restores it completely; no matter what damage you have done to it in the past. Thereafter your heart’s voice is clearer, your heart softer and purer, and if you listen to it and act upon God’s whisper, you will be transformed.

May it be so; Amen. Glory be to that Power, that Beauty, and that Light.


Kicking alcohol and grains: step 1–know your bases

I should be familiar with kicking something large in my life. I kicked meat in 2006 and went “cold turkey” for three years. If I could do that and the challenges that ensued, I could surely kick so many more of the negatives in my life that will be far more fruitful once gone than vegetarianism ever was. How did I approach vegetarianism?

1. Read a lot of information, reflected on it, had my bases

2. Tested out vegetarianism for Lent–in this, figured out ways around social issues around giving up meat

3. Continued to read vegetarian theory to reinforce what I believed and practiced it

Coming out of vegetarianism was the same with my next “ism”–locavorism. I am now “ism” free, however, I fully appreciate and practice the value of praxis (reflection and action). This I will never nix from my life; only dogma. I praxis’d my way out of “ism”hood. Gooooooo, Praxis! Continue reading

Kicking alcohol and grains; a huge challenge for me

Loose adherence?! PISH! POSH! No probs. Got that, grl.

Strict adherence? I just keep telling myself I’m living a little when I stuff corn tortilla chips into my face and/or huge amounts of alcohol at least once a week. I’m 80/20! My mind says. No you’re not–actually, you’re bloated and you feel terrible. And you obviously haven’t changed that much and “evolved” as you hoped with loose adherence.

I listen to Robb Wolf’s podcast and he says over and over his approach with his clients is to get them to stop eating ALL the junk strictly for a month, and then see how they feel. At first glance I pushed this approach aside for the sake of the “slow and steady” state of mind; but that hasn’t gotten me really anywhere because of one huge, glaring fact– Continue reading

Shot of life: be like a child

“I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” Christ, Mark 10:15

“Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Christ, Matthew 18:4

blessed are you with a childhood free from this. ask questions.

Jesus vs. the conservative dogmatic church

One person's view of Jesus, artistically rendered.

Bam, Jesus.

This Lent, I am reading the New Testament from start to finish. I am surprised at how different it is than the pieced scripture that’s come into my memory over my short time as a Christian (the flip-n-read method). It’s a pretty great story. Pretty juicy.Today I am closing up the book titled Matthew, the one written for Jewish audiences. It’s more relevant to today than you would think…in case you didn’t.

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Extended Fast Test Run

I actually look forward very much to Lent.

Today I tested out the fast portion of what I have decided (preliminarily) to be my Lenten practice. I am extending my intermittent fasting (IF) period until after 4:00pm for a total of 18 hours fasted and a 6 hour feeding period. For the past month, I have been practicing a 14/10 IF schedule (14 hour fast period, 10 hour feeding window). Put simply, until last month I always ate breakfast, then I started only eating lunch and dinner. Starting today I only ate dinner.

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My Lenten Fast

I am coming upon my second Lent as a Christian.

One year ago, I blended the concepts of a fast (deprivation for humility), and praxis (reflection and prayer every morning coupled with applying my reflected themes that day). This was a great model and I would highly recommend it. In 2010, my fast was an “as close to 100% local diet as possible” concept, which was a step up from my normal diet. What it also did, and was one of my ultimate goals, was created good habits for me to continue my quest to be a more sustainable eater. I learned how to make a lot of things myself–among them butter, yogurt, biscuits, and bread.

As I come into the season of Christian deprivation for 2011, I would like to follow the same model. Continue reading