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A previous post was somewhat along the same vein (Smoking and Meat–What a Vegan Said and What I Say). It is because I want to give the counter-vegetarian perspective from someone who didn’t (in this order) (1) always eat meat/not really think twice or care, (2) go Paleo, and (3) use Paleo as a justification for hating on vegetarians after reading Lierre Keith, who is really writing to vegetarians, not trying to get current omnivores (or carnivores) to justify their practices.

Vegetarians are noble people. Let me first say this: I respect and admire vegetarians. I used to be one for years. I know that it is a heart-centric lifestyle in its intentions. I understand them. The problem lies when new information you come to know may change your approach to compassion, convictions, and spirituality-as it did for me. Sometimes you come to a crossroads where you can practice cognitive dissonance so that you can fit in with your vegetarian friends/avoid them judging you, or you can follow the direction your heart is taking you after the study of new information coupled with a gut reaction. The information may be given to you or made available to you–if you do not take it, digest it, and come out anew with a new (or renewed belief) I do not believe that you are practicing right compassion in the strictest sense. This goes for everything.


“Humans and animals are equal and sentient. They are on equal moral ground. Killing animals and taking life infringes on that moral ground.”

Life feeds on life.This took me a long time to accept.

The idea of speciesism that Peter Singer, a great vegetarian thinker and philosopher, introduced us with is the basis of how I used to think, and ironically continue to think, except for one big part. People. Continue reading


The war in Iraq isn’t over

Warning: this post may be disturbing or emotionally provoking for some. Don’t click “read more” unless you feel as if you can handle it. Continue reading

“Those who should be poor are poor”

This morning I read an article on NPR about China and its move toward banning luxurious words (but not luxurious things). Is this really any good? Toward the middle of the article I was struck by a quote:

“The luxury splurge is driven by people like 20-something Li He, who recently stood outside an upscale shopping mall with three friends, clutching a stiff brown Gucci shopping bag. He had just spent $450 on a leather belt. When asked if banning certain words will change his shopping habits, Li He scoffs.

‘Those who should be rich are rich, those who should be poor are poor,’ he says. ‘Those who work hard get rich, while those who don’t stay poor.’

When asked what he works hard at, he replies, ‘I work hard at having fun.’ The leather belt, he admits, was bought with his parents’ money.

This is the social Darwinist rallying cry. The Ayn Rand “anthem”. If you are competent and work hard, you are going to be successful–and these folks equate success with riches. Let’s examine this statement by young philosopher Li He with some real life examples. Continue reading

Dogma is backwards

Welcome to the world. Assumptions, begin.

  • If you do not believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, you are not a true Christian.
  • If you eat any animal products at all, you are not a vegan.
  • If you don’t say the national anthem, you are not a true patriot of the United States.
  • If you are non-violent, you would never approve of having a military.
  • If you have been in a relationship/had sexual relations with the same sex, you’re gay.
  • If you don’t recycle every single thing you use, you’re not an environmentalist.

A. Big. Fat: IT DEPENDS. Continue reading

Jesus vs. the conservative dogmatic church

One person's view of Jesus, artistically rendered.

Bam, Jesus.

This Lent, I am reading the New Testament from start to finish. I am surprised at how different it is than the pieced scripture that’s come into my memory over my short time as a Christian (the flip-n-read method). It’s a pretty great story. Pretty juicy.Today I am closing up the book titled Matthew, the one written for Jewish audiences. It’s more relevant to today than you would think…in case you didn’t.

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Being Gay and Being Christian at the Same Time

“…is it possible?” This seems to be the question that goes along with being a homosexual and being a Christian. This question confuses me. Because, to me, this question reads, “Do I exist? Do I love even though I love and live with someone of the same sex?”

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A Hipster Blog on Gay Rights

I found this on a hipster blog and thought it more than worth re-posting from a post called “love is no one’s biz-ness but yours” :

“All that aside, I’ll tell you how I feel about the churches’ opinion on gay marriage/gay people not getting equal rights:

I think it’s fucking bullshit! Gay people, straight people, Caucasian people, Black people, Asian people, Latino people, etc- we’re all just PEOPLE. We all come out of a vagina. We’re all just somebodies baby. Babies who (hopefully) grow up, learn how to walk and speak and read and write. We all breathe, wake up in the morning and go to sleep. We all experience happiness and excitement. We all get sad and cry. We bleed, we pee, we’re ticklish, we wear clothes, we fuck, and we make love. We make babies, we have mothers, and brothers, and sisters and cousins. We feel nervous, we feel pride, we get scared, and we’re brave. We work shitty jobs, or we have epic careers. We play sports, route for teams, and we serve our country. And, if we’re LUCKY, we fall in love. We ALL share these things, and MORE!”