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VLC 9-12 and the end of this approach

This approach with its strict undertones does not seem to be working. Having a goal of VLC doesn’t treat the source well enough.

From here on out I’ll be approaching the program currently outlined in my “evolutionary living” page: starting out by centering my meals the right way, and that doesn’t leave any room for junk. It will be naturally VLC with the right habits.

Focus on the means to the goal, not the goal itself. It makes you crazy.

The last info from my VLC focus: Continue reading


Being the “difficult one”

At a restaurant, being picky is one of the things that I hated the most when I became a vegetarian, and remained the only thing I really hated about it other than how crappy it made me feel. I literally hated being picky more than the depression.

I just came across a pretty great Austin-based post about a gal that eats Paleo called “How to Eat Paleo out in Public“. She has an utterly unapologetic attitude about going to restaurants and making “special” orders for her dietary needs–

“You’re at a restaurant, YOU are putting the food into YOUR body, and most of the time, YOU are paying for it. Order what you want, how you want it. Get over trying to be ‘easy.’ Get what you want.”

Unapologetic about my self-realized health and spiritual matters, onward.

Other nice links:

Practical Guide to Paleo

Kicking alcohol and grains: step 1–know your bases

I should be familiar with kicking something large in my life. I kicked meat in 2006 and went “cold turkey” for three years. If I could do that and the challenges that ensued, I could surely kick so many more of the negatives in my life that will be far more fruitful once gone than vegetarianism ever was. How did I approach vegetarianism?

1. Read a lot of information, reflected on it, had my bases

2. Tested out vegetarianism for Lent–in this, figured out ways around social issues around giving up meat

3. Continued to read vegetarian theory to reinforce what I believed and practiced it

Coming out of vegetarianism was the same with my next “ism”–locavorism. I am now “ism” free, however, I fully appreciate and practice the value of praxis (reflection and action). This I will never nix from my life; only dogma. I praxis’d my way out of “ism”hood. Gooooooo, Praxis! Continue reading

Kicking alcohol and grains; a huge challenge for me

Loose adherence?! PISH! POSH! No probs. Got that, grl.

Strict adherence? I just keep telling myself I’m living a little when I stuff corn tortilla chips into my face and/or huge amounts of alcohol at least once a week. I’m 80/20! My mind says. No you’re not–actually, you’re bloated and you feel terrible. And you obviously haven’t changed that much and “evolved” as you hoped with loose adherence.

I listen to Robb Wolf’s podcast and he says over and over his approach with his clients is to get them to stop eating ALL the junk strictly for a month, and then see how they feel. At first glance I pushed this approach aside for the sake of the “slow and steady” state of mind; but that hasn’t gotten me really anywhere because of one huge, glaring fact– Continue reading

Chipotle: Ethical and low carb

I would hate but....I've been there.

Here’s a follow up post to the one I just did on Chipotle, which is essentially the only restaurant chain I ever eat at.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking and you really want to do the whole paleo thing. I have heard about apps like PaleoGoGo but ha! I am too poor to want an iPhone, I do not want an iPhone, and even if I had an iPhone, these apps don’t usually pertain to folks like me in rural areas. I can do this work myself; and I kind of enjoy it.

In order of ethical standards at Chipotle, here’s the deal. The pork is 100% outdoor raised, the beef 85%, and they are working on the chicken. Use that into your decision-making if you wish.

Here’s an example of the “typical burrito” that I used to get a few years ago (calculated with this nifty tool that Chipotle fans put together). I was a vegetarian then, so this includes no meat. Continue reading

Chipotle deserves some credit

I know I was guilty of it. I was letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. When Chipotle came out with its “Food with Integrity,” campaign/commitment, I have to admit that I was really skeptical. “It’s not enough.” I said. Being the annoying perfectionist that I can be. And I continued to rarely eat out anywhere. In other words, I put as much money into Chipotle as I put into Taco Bell: zero (essentially; this is definitely true for Taco Bell). Then one came to the town I currently live in; and it tore up the streets. People were out the door every single day for the entire first month that it was open. It was literal insanity. People camped overnight before it opened to get a taste of their food. Continue reading

Looking back: then and now, a few months later

Despite my laughable attempts at going Very Low Cab (VLC) whereas I still have yet to actually go VLC about 10 days in, I have made a lot of progress. This is why I am being public about my macro-ratios, to show that this stuff doesn’t happen overnight for everyone. I am definitely one of those “slow and steady” people when it comes to making positive changes in my life. I would call cutting my carbohydrates a positive change because (1) being less hungry makes me stress less about food, (2) I don’t have to worry about food as much at work I can focus more on what’s at hand, and (3) I seem to be eating less at times (read: at times!).

When I started trying to change my dietary habits: November 2010. I was about five pounds heavier than where I am at right now. Not in very good shape. Body composition getting lousier (not to a bad point yet, but I thought I was doing everything right so why was it getting worse?). Started to track my food intake to see what was going on. Mid-November, 2010, I was at about 256g carbs on a typical day. This was about 150-250g on good days (all based on calories at that point), and up to 350-400g on weekend/cheat type days. That’s crazy! I have changed a bit even though the changes on my body’s side are slight so far. Continue reading