The war in Iraq isn’t over

Warning: this post may be disturbing or emotionally provoking for some. Don’t click “read more” unless you feel as if you can handle it.

In case you didn’t know: the War in Iraq continues. It’s easy to be confused by our information stream. As you may or may not know, sometimes the media twists its stories for national interests.

A member of my family went over to serve the same week the President of the United States and our Commander in Chief announced the combat mission was over.

To many, this meant the war was over.

A common misconception.

What it meant was that the mission switched over to a non-combat goal–it’s called Operation New Dawn.

Unfortunately, a non-combat mission does not mean that people don’t die.

Pray for them, the dead; the Americans and the Iraqis and all of the people. I bow my head for my sibling but I also bow my head for them, the civilians and the “enemy.” Even if people are clouded, “us,” or “them,” from good hearts, they are still human beings beautiful before God’s eyes.

Pray for them; the suffering. Remember why we went to war here. Think about the why. Think about what value we put on our things, how some of us have lost so much for those things.

4,437 Americans since yesterday alone. Many, many more Iraqis.

Think; above all. Question. And love; above that.


3 responses to “The war in Iraq isn’t over

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