Looking back: then and now, a few months later

Despite my laughable attempts at going Very Low Cab (VLC) whereas I still have yet to actually go VLC about 10 days in, I have made a lot of progress. This is why I am being public about my macro-ratios, to show that this stuff doesn’t happen overnight for everyone. I am definitely one of those “slow and steady” people when it comes to making positive changes in my life. I would call cutting my carbohydrates a positive change because (1) being less hungry makes me stress less about food, (2) I don’t have to worry about food as much at work I can focus more on what’s at hand, and (3) I seem to be eating less at times (read: at times!).

When I started trying to change my dietary habits: November 2010. I was about five pounds heavier than where I am at right now. Not in very good shape. Body composition getting lousier (not to a bad point yet, but I thought I was doing everything right so why was it getting worse?). Started to track my food intake to see what was going on. Mid-November, 2010, I was at about 256g carbs on a typical day. This was about 150-250g on good days (all based on calories at that point), and up to 350-400g on weekend/cheat type days. That’s crazy! I have changed a bit even though the changes on my body’s side are slight so far.

Here’s where I am now, about five months later (only four months since I started reading about Primal/Paleo, and only about a month since I have started to try to put it into better practice. Four months of IF solidly). I now average around 100-150g carbs on a typical day. I get about 80-110g on a good day, and about 150-200 on a bad day.

Changes: reduced hunger, reduced focus on food, increased strength and upper body visible muscle, decreased cellulite on the back of legs, slightly increased abdominal fat, stable body weight about 3-5lbs less than before.

We’ll see if I can actually get down to legit VLC status. I’m interested to see the changes in my body then. So far so great. Let’s do it.


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