Vitamin D, I love you

how I felt this winter prior to supplementation.

how I felt after vitamin D supplementation this winter. muscles or abs..not to scale.

I think that Vitamin D lifted me out of a bout of depression I was experiencing last month. It was beginning to feel quite crippling–I hated going to work and I didn’t want to do much of anything and then I piled on the guilt for not wanting to do much of anything. I started to pop 2,000 IU Vitamin D3 and the next day I was on top of the world no other major changes in diet. I had already been taking a little bit of fish oil when I thought my 3:6 ratio was off because of grains. I believe that D was the only major change.

“Studies suggest it can help with depression and in preventing seasonal mood swings.”

This makes sense mainly because (1) the depression hit me about a month after starting to work in an indoor environment for 9 hours a day, (2) My indoor environment has 0 natural light, not even a window. I usually go outside 1-2 times a day for lunch and errands, but that’s about it. I was missing something essential, so I added it in.

This article from the same publication links Omega-3’s to happiness (or rather the connection between the lack thereof in the presence of too many Omega-6’s):

“Hibbeln offers an interesting correlation: statistics suggest that depression and homicide rates have risen steadily over the past century—the same time period during which Americans’ annual per capita intake of omega-6-rich oils increased by nearly 500 percent, from 11 pounds to 64 pounds.”

And another tidbit from the same article that may explain my vegetarian severe mood swings:

“Though the idea of a nutritional deficiency affecting mood isn’t exclusive to omega-3s (the Institute of Medicine mentions depression and irritability as symptoms of numerous nutrient deficiencies, including iodine and vitamin B12), Hibbeln’s theory is unique in that it proposes too few omega-3s—or too many omega-6s—may be at least partly responsible for a national epidemic of psychiatric illness.”

I don’t know the overall effect that Omega-3’s has had on me because they’ve come on-line with a bunch of other slight dietary changes to it’s difficult to isolate. The D, though? I really felt that. Overnight.


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