VLC Day 2: Not as easy as I thought

Very Low Carb is hard. Not because of what you eat–it is delicious. The issues I ran into on day two were:

  • Complication of restaurant orders (had gone to Moe’s)
  • Lowered inhibitions i.e. “drunk munchies”.

Everything was going really well, even with the restaurant complication, until my lightweighted highness had a whopping two drinks which launched me into a carnivorous split-decision of getting Chipotle. Chipotle and Moe’s in the same night. I’m not even mad. Just impressed.

At the very least I didn’t eat wheat at all yesterday, which is great. However, I have quite a bit of bloating and digestive discomfort today, probably owed to the mountain of beans I ate yesterday. I tested myself with tofu in the afternoon eating a bunch of it, and I remained full and bloat-free. The beans, though? Punishing. Could be the corn chips, but I am thinking it’s the beans. I’ll have to do an isolation test on those ones.

So here’s how I did Day 2:

  1. Less than 50 grams of carbs a day
  2. About a 10% or less macro carb %
  3. Eat whole foods
  4. No sugars
  5. No grains – no wheat, did have a little corn
  6. Drink tons of water
  7. Very limited legumes – had lots of black beans, some tofu (which seemed good)
  8. Very limited alcohol
  9. Sleep!
  10. Supplement with multi-vite, 2,000 IU/day, and fish oil as needed (when I may have an off-balance 3:6)


146g Carbs

Without cheat: 46g

My issue is obviously self-control. This is not as easy as I thought it would be! At least my baseline is good, but I will have to be doing better with the rest of it.



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