Very Low Carb (VLC) Day 1


I started an evolutionary-centric diet in late January of this year, 2011. I am now about solidly three months in.

My “plan” consisted of:
1. dramatic reduction in wheat/gluten grains
2. increase in meat/protein intake
3. decrease in overall carbohydrate intake
4. emphasis on more strength exercises than I have before; some sprinting
5. Intermittently fast (IF) to the best of my ability

I have to say that I was “relatively” successful thus far. This means there have been some successes and there are some things that need tweaking and deserve attention. I was averaging about 200-300g carbohydrate per day, much of that was from sugar and gluten before I began. To date, I probably eat about 150g carbs on a bad day. I have solidly been freed from the occupation of breakfast (except on Sunday when it’s going to happen I’m sorry). I’ve proven to myself that I can fast through to dinner, though it is difficult (however, Kurt Harris claims that keto-adaptation can mean none of this). In sum,

My successes have been that I have:

  1. Controlled my appetite and no longer suffer from thinking of food all day;
  2. Reduced my sugar cravings significantly;
  3. Eliminated breakfast for months with no hunger;
  4. I feel much, much better and my weight is more stable than it would be with how little I have been working out;
  5. been able to lift more weight than before;
  6. My acne has seen pretty consistent improvement

There is a BIG HOWEVER to this. I want to highlight what’s not so hot with this:

  1. I gained inches. About two on my hips and two on my middle. Not as much as I would have gained at the rate I was going before, I would wager, but gaining inches still means “not good enough” for a long, good life.
  2. I gained a few pounds, some are visible fat. I know that some of the gain is muscle, but I can tell that some of it is fat was well: in places I have never known fat before–the love handle area, the middle, and the arms.
  3. Sometimes, especially during my heavy Martin Berkhan reading phases, I would get constipated (seems to be better with more greens I’ve added)
  4. I had a few days of down in the hole depression that were some of the worst yet. Not sure if it is related or not.

I have not had the results thus far that I thought I would; but who can blame me because all of the success stories of the Paleo Diet online seem to be with men. I just don’t see a lot of women with fast results. That doesn’t mean I fear; and that doesn’t mean that I’m going to drop it. I definitely feel healthier, and that’s what I care about most so that’s why I want to stick with it. The few days of depression aside (which seem to be kicked once I started my vitamin D supplement) I feel great. I feel energetic, never too hungry like I used to, and I don’t feel like I am a slave to food anymore. This is definitely a problem that I have had in the past. Problem to say the least. I think I am working pretty well toward my end goal of a high quality life with a high quality mind and a high quality body–the ideal temple for that bit of God I house in me to shine through.

Starting today I am going to attack this thing in a different direction. I have been doing some heavy reading into personal womens’ experiences with this stuff, and I am finding that I am not alone. In this, I have drawn the conclusion based on what several women that seem to be in the same rut that I am are in–I’ve got to push through with a very low carb (VLC) regimen for a little while until I get where I want to be, then I can do maintenance. As it stands, I think that they way I am living now is where I would have to be for maintenance and I see it as 100% doable in the long term.

So, here we go. Here’s the plan.

100% ACCOUNTABILITY: I will be one of those people with posts on my macronutrient ratios; I won’t show you pictures of my insides but I will do that and perhaps it will allow me record and to get feedback if I’m doing something I shouldn’t be. Here’s what I am shooting hard for:

  1. Less than 50 grams of carbs a day
  2. About a 10% or less macro carb %
  3. Eat whole foods
  4. No sugars
  5. No grains
  6. Drink tons of water
  7. Very limited legumes
  8. Very limited alcohol
  9. Sleep!
  10. Supplement with multi-vite, 2,000 IU/day, and fish oil as needed (when I may have an off-balance 3:6)

Exercise is NOT an emphasis. I have never had a problem exercising; I would like to isolate my eating issues and fix them and then I can exercise on the scale that I would like. I cannot keep myself away from exercising so I’ll be doing it, just ZERO emphasis.

DAY 1:
Some preparation. I got cookies in the mail from someone I hold dear. Then there was an ice cream fundraiser that I went to with a group of friends…and I didn’t want to be the poobah without ice cream. Should I? Jury’s still out on that one but I answered “no” for the time being; it is my life and I will live it in moderation. Zero guilt from this day; but I may have to save some of these treats until I am in maintenance:

87 g Carb

without cheat: 29g

Here’s how I did 3.30.2011–

  1. Less than 50 grams of carbs a day – 37g over
  2. About a 10% or less macro carb % – 8% over
  3. Eat whole foods – yes, with some bad additions
  4. No sugars – ice cream and cookies
  5. No grains – cookies but I did nix the bun on my bison burger
  6. Drink tons of water
  7. Very limited legumes – none!
  8. Very limited alcohol – stuck to two small drinks ~ 1 drink
  9. Sleep! – 7 hours
  10. Supplement with multi-vite, 2,000 IU/day, and fish oil as needed (when I may have an off-balance 3:6) – D, MV, Fish oil



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