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Very Low Carb (VLC) Day 1


I started an evolutionary-centric diet in late January of this year, 2011. I am now about solidly three months in.

My “plan” consisted of:
1. dramatic reduction in wheat/gluten grains
2. increase in meat/protein intake
3. decrease in overall carbohydrate intake
4. emphasis on more strength exercises than I have before; some sprinting
5. Intermittently fast (IF) to the best of my ability

I have to say that I was “relatively” successful thus far. This means there have been some successes and there are some things that need tweaking and deserve attention. I was averaging about 200-300g carbohydrate per day, much of that was from sugar and gluten before I began. To date, I probably eat about 150g carbs on a bad day. I have solidly been freed from the occupation of breakfast (except on Sunday when it’s going to happen I’m sorry). I’ve proven to myself that I can fast through to dinner, though it is difficult (however, Kurt Harris claims that keto-adaptation can mean none of this). In sum, Continue reading


Clever Vegan Video

I loved this video! Pretty catchy.

Only comment I have is that there really isn’t any way for vegans to address B12…in the video they say something about bacteria which is true, but then they say nothing about how they get it. B12 is made in the body in your thbbbbbbt (colon). You poop it out before you get it. I don’t see anyone eating poop, so you would have to get it from a supplement. Didn’t sing about that. Loved the video, though.

Misdirection of “Health at Every Size”

Perhaps Dr. Bacon should have sent this letter to the model industry? Pictured here is the first “plus sized model”.

A few weeks ago on my daily Comfood List patrol at work, I found a letter from an “avid Comfood reader but rare participant” with concerns that we the members of the food justice movement (I would consider myself part of that camp) are using overweight folks to their advantage. My delving deeper into the lengthy message led me to her open letter to the Food Justice Movement called, “A Message for People Committed to Food Justice and Sustainable Agriculture” where she even invoked the image of food justice people riding on fat peoples’ backs. This is sort of a funny image to invoke in a serious “concerned” message, but what the hey. She said “fat” a lot for someone trying to be P.C. :

“Foodies, I plead with you: Lay off the fat people. Continue reading

Dogma is backwards

Welcome to the world. Assumptions, begin.

  • If you do not believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, you are not a true Christian.
  • If you eat any animal products at all, you are not a vegan.
  • If you don’t say the national anthem, you are not a true patriot of the United States.
  • If you are non-violent, you would never approve of having a military.
  • If you have been in a relationship/had sexual relations with the same sex, you’re gay.
  • If you don’t recycle every single thing you use, you’re not an environmentalist.

A. Big. Fat: IT DEPENDS. Continue reading

Why I [Usually] Have More Respect for Vegans than Paleos

A guy who saw some things he didn't feel right about and took action--Jonathan Saffron Foer author of "Eating Animals". I respect this man.

A common attitude toward vegetarians--that I would argue needs to stop--the other way goes, too. I do not respect these people who mock vegetarians, even if they are "mocking back."

The Paleo Blogosphere. What do we see the most?

  • Awesome testamonials and pictures of hot bods
  • Promises of a better life
  • Delicious and wonderful food porn
  • Great no-BS nutritional resources
  • Demonization of grains, legumes, sugar, and sometimes dairy
  • Self-promotion of books, supplements, and protein powders
  • Various trademarked and branded names for a lifestyle that can’t really be branded
  • Vegan and vegetarian bashing. Let’s discuss. Continue reading

Processed Food Free Children Experiment, n=2

I honestly think this is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

If you were to raise your child and never take them to a grocery store, never have them be exposed to commercials on television, and never know that this wasn’t normal — what would happen?


Here’s one account–

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Jesus vs. the conservative dogmatic church

One person's view of Jesus, artistically rendered.

Bam, Jesus.

This Lent, I am reading the New Testament from start to finish. I am surprised at how different it is than the pieced scripture that’s come into my memory over my short time as a Christian (the flip-n-read method). It’s a pretty great story. Pretty juicy.Today I am closing up the book titled Matthew, the one written for Jewish audiences. It’s more relevant to today than you would think…in case you didn’t.

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